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We are the UK's leading fully tracked delivery service

Here at 13ten, we're a passionate, energetic team of people who really believe in putting customers at the heart of everything we do. In the thriving UK Ecommerce marketplace, customer experience has a major influence on business success. Whether they're sharing reviews, making repeat purchases or recommending you to friends, customers remember how you've treated them.

So, we're here to help you make those experiences positive, giving your customers the competitive shipping prices they're looking for, with the speed, reliability and choice they demand. And because you're a customer too, we're dedicated to bringing you exceptional, stress free delivery services and friendly, expert support you really can build your business on.

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Say hello to our sister companies

We're parcel people, but our sister company, Citipost Mail, specialises in delivering bulk mail, unsorted mail and international mail. They work alongside us at The Processing Centre, our exceptional operational hub.

We also share another sister company, Citipost Ltd, which offers business-to-business hand delivery, product placement, marketing support, fulfilment and distribution, data management, stock management, legal distribution and much more. Just ask your account manager for details.

The idea behind the name

Our name's a reference to the dimensions of the world's largest window, in the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. It fits for us because it's about great vision and giving customers the big picture, which is right at the heart of everything we do.