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Successful deliveries = happy clients

We've been in parcel delivery for many years and we've pretty much seen it all. Discover how we've helped a wide range of companies overcome challenges to provide some of the most cost effective and innovative solutions in the industry. Take a look at our case studies and get in touch if there's something we can help you with.

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Our latest case study

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is one of our longest standing clients; as a customer of both Citipost Mail and 13ten we have been working with Cath Kidston since 2006. We are delighted to have retained their business for this period; flexing our products, services and routing options to better suit the needs of their business and their customers' expectations as this has evolved over time.

The challenge

The moving Ecommerce landscape and the evolution of customers' delivery expectations with a high quality brand like Cath Kidston.

The strategy

In recent years we have worked closely with this customer to recommend and upgrade the service delivery options that the business offers their customers both in the UK and abroad.  Cath Kidston has been nimble to adapt to the ever increasing expectations of the UK consumer when it comes to Ecommerce delivery.  They have also observed the benefits of utilising more premium delivery services to ensure that the delivery experience enjoyed by their customers is one that is in line with the expectation that a brand like Cath Kidston sets, ensuring that their customers receive the same high level of service whether they buy a product in one of their high end retail stores or buy online for Ecommerce delivery.

Cath Kidston is a lovely client to work with and we are delighted to have been able to offer them a delivery platform and solution that meets not only the needs of the business and its high quality brand but also most importantly the expectations of their customers, by listening to the needs of the customers and flexing the delivery solutions accordingly. We continue to work with Cath Kidston and always aspire to deliver excellent service to their business and subsequently to their end recipients on a daily basis.

13ten are a great supplier to work with. Cath Kidston have been trading with 13ten for 8 years now and the relationship has developed strongly throughout that period, even upgrading our delivery service based partly on the recommendation from 13ten which provided us with a reliable and quality delivery service for our customers through peak last year.  In fact, the change has also eased stress on our contact centre, and the delivery service our customers continue to receive today is one we know we can rely on. I have found 13ten to have affective and efficient account management. Responses have been quick, helpful and accurate which has made Cath Kidston's relationship with 13ten very strong

Lorraine Reynolds

Customer Experience Manager,
Cath Kidston

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