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Here's how our delivery service works

At 13ten, we specialise in Ecommerce parcel delivery, giving great British Ecommerce businesses a clever, convenient and cost effective way to get their products to the people who want them, fast.

We believe giving customers more control over their deliveries gives them more confidence in your business. So, we'll help you offer choices at the checkout, putting your customers in charge of their priorities, whether that means speed, low prices or extra care.

Even better, because we collect, sort and dispatch 1000s of parcels every day, we can do it all at the kind of rates usually reserved for the biggest retailers.

Track your parcel here for a quick look to see where it is right now.


We collect from our ecommerce clients and transport orders to our processing hub. At our hub, items are sorted into postcode specific batches before being shipped to customers by either our partner carrier or the Royal Mail. International orders are shipped to the airport and into a country's postal services.

1. Unload

We work with ecommerce businesses all over the UK. We collect their orders and transfer them to our state-of-the-art processing hub based in Derbyshire.

2. Each item is weighed and scanned

Each item is individually weighed and the barcode is scanned. This first item scan confirms we have received that item, reconciles our barcode with the customers' data and allows the customers to access tracking information throughout the delivery journey

3. Primary Sort

Once scanned the individual items are moved to our primary sort area where the first level of sortation is done.

4. Secondary sort - Scan to bag

Individual packets are scanned and bagged by postcode. So sophisticated are our systems, an item with one postcode can't end up in a bag destined for another.

5. Depot Sort

Bags containing packets for a specific postcode are scanned and moved to the depot sorting area ready for collection by one of our partner carriers.

6. Out To Deliver

Individual bags are scanned as the leave our processing hub and are transferred to our partner carrier for the last mile delivery. At this point, clients can confirm dispatch with their customers.

Your route options

Our clever parcel routing platform enables our customers to utilise a wide range of domestic and international parcel delivery services, to a whole platform of facilities and activities.

Take a closer look at how we work

Your parcel will go through a 6 step journey in our high-tech processing hub

Your route options

Our clever parcel routing platform enables our customers to utilise a wide range of domestic and international parcel delivery services, to a whole platform of facilities and activities.


74% of people have abandoned an online shopping cart because of high delivery charges.

Source: comScore data

Our service to SMEs

It's easy. We give you a dedicated account manager, who arranges for us to collect your packets. They'll work with you to pick and mix from a range of services and carriers that can make your deliveries at the price, and speed, you need.

We sort, prepare, label and dispatch them to your preferred carrier, track them every step of the way, and manage the whole process. For your customers, it means delivery choices at the checkout and a professionally delivered parcel. For you, it means great choice, prices and support, even for lower volumes.


Our NEW 24hr Signed for Service

This brand new service allows you to offer your customers next day delivery (with full national coverage across the UK) with full tracking every step of the way through our customer web portal and a signature collected on delivery!  This is a high quality service at a competitive price enabling our customers to offer a high quality and quick delivery service to their customers without breaking the bank!


Our UK parcel delivery options

Our exceptional new Large Letter, Small and Large Parcel services.


Our international parcel delivery options

Making it easier than ever to grow your business overseas.


"...a reliable and quality delivery service for our customers..."

13ten are a great supplier to work with. Cath Kidston have been trading with 13ten for 8 years now and the relationship has developed strongly throughout that period, even upgrading our delivery service based partly on the recommendation from 13ten which provided us with a reliable and quality delivery service for our customers through peak last year.  In fact, the change has also eased stress on our contact centre, and the delivery service our customers continue to receive today is one we know we can rely on. I have found 13ten to have affective and efficient account management. Responses have been quick, helpful and accurate which has made Cath Kidston's relationship with 13ten very strong.

Lorraine Reynolds, Customer Experience Manager, Cath Kidston


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