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Why choose 13ten for your parcel delivery?

Because we're the UK's most innovative parcel delivery service. We're convenient, cutting edge and super reliable, using the latest technology to bring you a totally tailored service at a really great price.


UK parcel delivery

We offer a range of super reliable UK parcel delivery options designed to get your small packages where they need to be. On track and on time.

International parcel delivery

It's easier than you'd think to grow your business with international delivery. You can reach a whole world of customers just by opening up your shipping options.

Pick and mix your services SMEs

Our dedicated account managers love helping small businesses do big things, putting together the right mix of services to really get you growing.


Smart, streamlined
and stress free

We work with the best parcel delivery carriers in the UK, combining their logistical strengths with our innovative technology to bring you and your customers more choice, speed and reliability.

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Over 95% of our customers utilise our multiple carrier optimisation.


Our insider info

Our expert team offers tips, advice and points of view on a wide range of parcel-delivery related topics. Find out about latest trends and initiatives and how they could benefit your business.

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Latest News

This is a fast-moving industry - in more ways than one! Read all about the latest developments and what they could mean for you.

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